Earth & Spirit is committed to protecting and restoring nature through ecological native plant landscape design and gardening services. Native plants, along with healthy water and soils, are the base of a thriving ecosystem and so their well-being calls out to our hearts and inspires our work. We are passionate about helping to design and create gardens for our clients that are not only beautiful, but life-sustaining, for wildlife and people.


     Jessica founded Earth & Spirit with the hopes of addressing some of the major environmental concerns of our time, on a human scale, in our local community. She has received a degree in Horticultural Landscape Design, through which her particular dedication to native plants and ecological gardening practices deepened. Her continuing studies have included environmental studies, Permaculture design, greywater laundry-to-landscape systems, and rainwater harvesting. Jessica is also a proud volunteer landscape designer with Our City Forest's Lawn Busters Program.