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Get Paid to Create a Water-Wise Garden with Santa Clara Valley Water's Landscape Rebate Program

Consider the possibility of transforming your old lawn into a beautiful, drought-tolerant garden with the help of Santa Clara Valley Water's Landscape Rebate Program. They are offering valuable rebates of up to $3000 per household to facilitate various landscape enhancements. From lawn conversions to irrigation upgrades, rainwater collection, and graywater systems (laundry to landscape), you can now create an eco-friendly and visually stunning landscape while benefiting from significant cost savings.

How Does it Work?

  • Apply Online: Start the process by applying online with Valley Water, providing some basic site information, such as estimated size and photos of your project area, along with information about existing irrigation equipment.

  • Design with Earth & Spirit: Partner with Earth & Spirit, a landscape design company experienced in creating gardens for rebate recipients, to create a personalized landscape design that meets Valley Water's requirements. Once you have your design map and plant list in hand from your landscape designer, submit them to Valley Water.

  • Get Approval: Await your 'Notice to Proceed' from Valley Water before beginning your garden installation to ensure rebate eligibility. It’s important not to begin lawn removal or purchase any materials for your project until you have received approval.

  • Project Completion and Payout: Request a final post-inspection from Valley Water after completing your new water-wise garden, and receive rebate checks 4-6 weeks later.

Take the first step towards a new water-efficient landscape today. If you are already considering converting your lawn or this financial incentive inspires the idea, make sure to apply soon so you don't miss out on this opportunity. Additionally, you can schedule your free design consultation with Earth & Spirit and we can work together to make your landscape dreams a reality.

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